A Glimpse from Christmas Past – excerpt

…It was then I looked up from the child in the window as Santa’s eyes met mine.  He smiled at me scratching his beard, sending me back to a certain place and time.  It was a memory from my childhood in a moment we both had shared.  It suddenly came rushing back to me and I knew, he too was aware.  It was another cold snowy Christmas Eve so much like that of tonight.  I was five going on six, no wait, six going on seven; surely that had to be right.  I remembered so clearly that lost memory from way back in sixty-three.  I had decided to hide, to find, to see what I could see.  I was going to rest aside the myths of older siblings and friends.  That Santa wasn’t just a regular guy but someone I knew as my friend!

I had placed a plate of carrots and cookies on a table beside a tall glass of milk.  Hunkering down behind a tall chair by the fireplace, I was wrapped in a blanket of silk.  I had some time to wonder about things I never gave much thought to before.  Did Santa really eat all those cookies left by children of the world by their doors?  Well at least that explained why Santa became a ripe, plump and jolly old elf.  But I quickly let this thought escape me laughing quietly to myself.  My thoughts changed to reindeer eating carrots hmm…wouldn’t they prefer some good hay or straw?  Yikes! Was I good enough this year to get that new bike at all. when he comes to call?  Yawning, I let my mind wonder to the grand entrance he was surely to make,  Maybe he’d enter the house through a doorway, or come down the chimney for tradition sake.  Perhaps he’d come through the front door using some elf dust or magic keys, or just pop in through a latched window, ever so nonchalantly.

I just started drifting off when I heard jingle bells not so far away.  They seemed to come from across the road or just down the way.  I peeked out the window, rubbing my eyes, and scanned the glistening street below.  Trees and cars were covered in white and nothing moved in the street lights warm glow.  It was then I got a glimpse of him, as his reindeer danced in the air. He made driving the sleigh look simple, as he handled the reins with care.  I watched as they darted, from house to house, before settling on our home.  The sled landed softly in a whoosh…and I tensed with excitement that showed.  The reindeer were settling from their prancing and pawing on the roof up above.  Santa swiftly climbed down swiping the snow using his sturdy gloves.

He came bounding down with a quiet thud, taking long looks around with a smile.  He placed his sack on the floor, wiped his brow, and decided to sit for a while.  He stepped softly to the chair I was hidden behind just as natural as can be.  He called me by name to my astonishment saying, “Come and visit with me.”  He stood looking me over through glasses that sat precariously on the end of his nose.  He rocked back and forth, hands clasped behind him, swaying from heel to toe.  He said, “I knew you were there all along, as nothing escapes me you see!  For if I was fooled , by every child hiding to catch me, what kind of elf would I be?”

If you enjoyed this so will your family, neighbors and friends. They like you will have a Dickens good time for years to come!

ImageAvailable at most online bookstores in paperback or as an E*Read ISBN# 9781481740289


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