A Glimpse from Christmas Past (Part 2)

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail: the place, the setting, the sights, smells, and sounds.

I can still remember like it was yesterday a moment when I was not quite 4 when my brother Larry and I were awakened to see a special visitor.  It was a cold and blustery weeknight just a few short days before Christmas.  It was the kind of night where the moving leaves created dancing shadows through the big sycamores that lined out street.  As we came down Image played games with your eyes.



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  2. (Cont.) So as Larry and I came down the stairs we were greeted by Ho!Ho! Ho! That laughter kept urging us onward to meet him. We were very excited for two kids who had rustled from their beds. Upon entering the lvingroom we were also blinded by the strobe lighting needed to film movies at night back before the mid 1960’s. Our parents, like most then, had an old brownie camera. While one person filmed the other held the light stick. I might add this was the harder chore of the two. You see it would get hot enough to fry an egg on while at the same time giving you a suntan. However being slightly blinded and disoriented only added to our meeting Santa in our home for the first time. He was standing in our living room in that traditional Rockwellian style right out of the Coca-Cola ads in full regalia. We got to ask some questions and share our most wanted items off our Christmas list as he carefully listened. Before leaving he gave us each Santa toy candy too! That’s when Larry blurted out as we were heading to the porch to say goodbye….’if your really Santa where is your sleigh and reindeer?’ He replied without hesitation…’up on the roof of course’. He pointed to the roof saying… ‘now listen and look carefully as they know not to make a sound and to stay out of sight’… adding that ‘people are sleeping you know’! We’re not sure to this day if it was his reindeer and sleigh or just leaves rustling in the shadows of the nights street lights;but through squinting eyes we could have sworn we saw the outline of reindeer antlers and sleigh there in the shadows of the street.

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